A Little DMCA

A little bit about what we do

DMCA is a troubling little beast. Most of our clients need it but many don't use it, countless videos exist on many sites around the world and many of them host your premium content. You know the stuff! The hard work and labor you have put in over many years out there for free. We have met two types of people in the Adult industry and those are as follows:

  2. It's ok, it's free advertising 

So what do we think? Which one are you? Well let me tell you something, it's not free advertising and those pesky pirates are more than likely making money off you and taking the money you should earn and popping it in there pocket. See everytime a link is clicked it opens up a world of opportunity, it holds a host of possibilities in its hands such as:

  • Ad revenue 
  • Affiliate purchasing
  • Links to other content
  • Links to your content
  • Links to forums
  • Links to trading rings

So how do you combat it? I hear you ask, well simply put it, you fight back!  You hire a DMCA agent to take on the fight for you. We are one of many agents out there who will fight for you to make sure your premium content is removed and that you can make as much money for your hard work. Should you use us? Well, that's up to you, but get someone to help you. You need the protection of a good DMCA agent, someone who has angles and contacts to Forums, Tube sites, Torrent sites and other such pits of despair. We have all of that but so do many others. So shop around and see which one fits. 

But get someone! This is your money these people are taking! 


By Latest Ladies 2018-07-31 20:10:44