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A Scam and a false promise (Adult Related)

Every single day we battle websites to have your content removed! It's an ongoing wonderful battle that pulls in one way or another. Some days its easy and people comply and some days we have to contact ISP,s or Server hosts and ask them to intervein. One of the biggest sites we deal with is HQ Collect, they have a ton of SiteRips and Videos that all you guys worked so hard to produce. 

So, it was a very strange day when I received this is our DMCA inbox from HQ collect:


If you dmca agent please send this letter to all of yours clients.
If you don't they will know it someday :)

First of all, sorry for my english language.

I am owner of HqCollect. It was my work for 5 years and
at this moment the site have power for living without my support.

Only me can shutdown this site. I have no problem to leave this
site alone for next 5 years, i have amount to pay for servers.

But i'm kindly want to ask - do you want to close this site?
I think of course you do :)

I am sorry that my idea brought you troubles. But someone of you
was bad too, somebody threatened me with murder.

This site was my all-life idea, but now i want to create something
new without dmca problems or law.

If you can help me, that will be great. I promise shutdown
my site. And i promise do not interrupt your business in future.

HqCollect is only one site which i have. I will shutdown site and all
mirrors if you ready to send me some bitcoin (BTC).

As i know, the easiest way buy BTC is buy it via WesternUnion on paxful.com

You can send me any reply to sale@hqcollect.me with BTC or USD
amount you can spend to shutdown this site, or any suggestions and
ideas to make me and you happy.

This is one-time offer, but dont wait any reply if you can offer nothing.
Also i promise do not tell about this deal anyone.

And please read this letter again if it seems to you that the letter
contains any threats.

I cant give any warranties, but believe me, i am ready to shutdown.
If really, only yours BTC can shutdown my idea :)

This is just another way these people get money from hard working folk like you and me! They not only earn from your content but they also try to get BitCoin out of people like us. This is an issue across the internet and we urge you to log on to hq-collect.me and type in your name and you can see what they have on you. The site itself claims to have 2 Petabytes which is 2000 terabytes of content, that is an insane amount of content. 

These people must be stopped and as our motto goes "Fighting crime one link at a time" we can guarantee you we are along with other DMCA agents doing everything we can to make this happen. DMCA is a must for any performer, the excuse of " Well its just free promotion" really doesn't work in this instance, why would a fan buy your content when sites like this have it for free? We can only fight the crime if you allow us too and if you have all your free material removed it really narrows down how and where your fans can buy your content leading them to your paysites and your websites, not to some free torrent or tube site. 

By Butterfly 2018-08-20 15:36:19