Lets Vue! Part One the CLI! Vue development

Part One of our Vue Series

Hey Guys and welcome to this Vue Series. 

We are going to start building a forum using Vue js and Lumen for a back-end API. Each of these Blog posts has an accompanying video that can be found over on YouTube . So part one will take us to the VUE CLI and how we set that up. 


So let's start:

1. We need to install the Vue CLI global on your machine using the following command: 

npm install -g @vue/cli
# OR
yarn global add @vue/cli


Once that is run and installed use:

vue -- version 

The above command will give you a version number and let you know all is ok and installed. Once we have Vue Installed CD into your sites folder and run the next command of 

vue create forum

This starts the ball rolling and gives us options for the CLI and what features we want to install. I myself have a preset that I feel works for me and will list but I think you should either research a little or trust me that what I use has not let me down. 

My Settings look like so:

  • Babel
  • Vuex
  • Router
  • eslint & Prettier

I then save all to a package json and off we go. Once that is down there are two commands to get us running. 

cd forum

npm run serve

Those commands will spin up a server and off we go. 

And that's it you now have a working CLI build and you are ready to start prototyping. In the next video, we will go over the router and start making some components for content. 

By Graham Morby DEV 2018-11-21 07:31:42